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Artikler 2013
Januar 2013
Real Vampires, Real Lives – Vodalok Nightkiller - RVL
Virgins & Vampire Worship: The Religion Of Twilight - Linda Kay Klein
SFU Animal Killer Released From Jail – Expected To Live In Vancouver - CTV News
Looking For Real Vampires – World Of Wonder Productions - Experience Project
VVDFGS Survey Re-Opens For Second Season - Octarine Valur
Real Vampires, Real Lives – Freedom Factors - RVL
Vampire & Goth Community Notice – Patrick McIntosh - Merticus
AVA Official Statement: Humane Treatment Of Animals - AVA
Vampire-Cult Killers Lose - Orlando Sentinel
New Laws To Target Online Predators - The Australian
Real Vampire Community Animal Welfare Awareness Statement - AVA
Mentally Unstable Mans Bites Ostrich To Death & Drinks Blood - Live Leak
A Manga Starring A Guy Obsessed With Donating Blood - Jake Adelstein
Vampire Community Puts Animal Ethics In Writing - SAVN
Alternative Thinking – The Vampire Retrovirus - Tim, RVL
The Real Vampires Of New Orleans – Sizzle Real - YouTube
Vampirism: Real People, Real Vampires? - Ely North
Cat Hair, Drinking Blood - ‘My Strange Addiction’ - Red Eye
Alternative Thinking – The Spirit Be Willing - Tim, RVL
Real Vampires & The Occult: Interview with Libby Hodges (House of Sheol) - LiveSCIFI

Februar 2013
Why Japanese Women Are Caught In ‘Yaeba’ Fang-Teeth Beauty Trend - Digital Journal
Jodi Arias Says She Dated Abusive Vampire Hunter - Huffington post
The Truth About The Vampire Community – Ravvyn LaShayd - YouTube
RIP Trinity Black – 1982-2013 - Lady Zombie NYC
How Soderbergh’s Film Was Inspired By a ‘Real-Life’ Vampire - Wired Magazine
Animals In The Vampire Community - A Vamp’s Life
A Case Of Vampirism – Journal Of Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics - Alpha Galileo
Demystifying ‘Real’ Vampirism For The Rest Of Us - Merticus
Fracking Vampires - God & Mirrors Blog
Real Life Vampires, Vampirism, & Mental Illness - Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC
Healing By Feeding: An Experiment - SAVN
Community Development: A World Of Hope - Tim, RVL
Satanists Caught Drinking Blood At Accident Scene - Balawayo 24
Fanging Around - Sue Henry
‘Vampire’ Woman Lands In Kovai GH - The New India Express

Marts 2013
Being The Newbie - Seraphim Vega
Seeking Women for Suicide+Blood Drinking & Eating - German Cannibal
Modern Living Vampires – Predators or Not? - Tim, RVL
They Killed My Sister & Drank Her Blood - Times Live
American Society ‘Submerged’ In The Occult, Says Ex-Satanist - Christian Post
The Real-Life Vampire: Woman Admits She is Hooked on Drinking Blood - Mail Online
VVDFGS Preliminary Results Report #1 - SAVA
The Global Vampire & Donor Community Directory - VVC
‘Vampire’ Shane Chartres-Abbott’s Killer Paid For Alibi, Court Told - Herald Sun
Witch-Hunts, Moral Panics, And Modern Pagans – Jason Pitzl-Waters - The Wild Hunt
Real Female Vampires Of The United Kingdom - Sally Painter
Pair Plead Not Guilty Over ‘Vampire’ Gigolo Murder - Steve Butcher - The Age
Pagans Lay Complaint Against Barbara Creecy – South Africa - News 24
My Strange Addiction: Woman Drinks Human And Animal Blood - Huffington Post
Spurned Lover Turned To Satan, Violence, & Blood Drinking - UPI
Naturally The Pagans Are Quite Upset - Andrew Donaldson
RIP – Sam’mael Draconis - Merticus
Intelligent Guide on How to Identify “Satanic Panic” in the Media - Octarine Valur
Real Life Vampire? Korean Girl Is Addicted To Drinking Fresh Blood - Asian Blog

April 2013
Female Satanist Uses Money To Initiate Children Into Satanism - Bulawayo 24
Letting Go Of Therianthropy For Good - Lupa
What DOESN’T Make It To The Papers - Octarine Valur
Violence Against Goths+ Is A Hate Crime - The Guardian
Midrand Trio Sought About Blood - News 24
Opinions On The Current State Of The Online Vampire Community - Alison Demzon
Global Vampire & Donor+ Directory Update & Geographic Breakdown - Merticus
Man Rapes Grand-Child, Collects Blood - New Zimbabwe
Interview with Magus Etu Malku: Composer & Magickian - Kelly Scarlet Rakoczy
Am I Menopausal Or A Powerful Werewolf? - Huffington Post
Kirsty ‘Sacrificed’ For Wishes: Drinking Blood, Eating Flesh, & Setting On Fire - News 24
Stepping Into The Astral (Etheric Projection, Dream Body, etc.) - House Of The Dreaming

Maj 2013
Global V.D.T.O.R.S. Directory Update - Merticus
Petition To Disband The South African Police Service’s Occult-Related Crimes Unit - Avaaz
Vampiric Cure for Baldness: Injecting Blood into Head to Stimulate Growth - Daily Mail
The Jamestown Cannibalism Is No Surprise – It’s Part Of Human History - The Guardian
A Christian Vampire Speaks Out - SAVN
The Dark Nations Yearly Report - The Dark Nations
Vampire Attacks Musician Outside La Crosse Center - Lacrosse Tribune
Chris Hansen’s ‘Undercover Investigation’ On Real Life Vampires - Merticus
U.S. Courts – First Amendment Educational Program – Vampire Cults - Merticus
Real Vampires, Satanists, Furries, & More - National Geographic Channel
Teen Axe Suspect ‘Drank Baby’s Blood’ - News 24
Freedom In Expression ~ House Rakoczy - RVL
Home And Hearth – The Benefits Of ‘House’ Membership - RVL
Yanked By eBay, A Merchant Fights Back: Patrick Rodgers Of Dracula’s Ball - Jeff Gelles
Scots Scientists To Trial Synthetic Human Blood - The Scotsman
SAVA Accepts Proposed Changes To South Africa VC Donor Identification System - SAVN
Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith’s Romantic Subculture Bash - Offbeat Bride
Global VDTORS Directory Update: 100% Operational - Merticus

Juni 2013
Real Vampires w/Belfazaar Ashantison - National Geographic Channel
Vampire Mum-Of-Two – I Drink Nearly Two Liters Of Blood A Month - Mirror UK
Real Life Vampire & Loving Mother Sucks Human Blood: Lady DarkRose - Merticus
SAVA Clarifies Uneducated Claims Of Blood Drinking & “Satanic Crimes” - SAVN
When You Think Your Mother Is A Vampire - Michael Brown
Woman Recounts Ordeal In ‘Vampire’s’ House - Standard Media
Craving The Limelight: Julia Caples (Lady DarkRose) - Octarine Valur
Russian Vampire Community Helping Animals - Darkfess
Two Major Projects Of The Vampire Community - Starline

Juli 2013
Vampirism: Psychic, Emotional, Financial, & Sexual Vampires - KAPOW Radio Show
‘Vampire’ Murder Hunt Ends In Perth Factory - The Age
Vampire Couple Drink Each Other’s Blood - Barcroft TV
Assault Suspect On Bad Drug Trip Drank Blood - mankato Free Press
Vampyre – Superstition, Society & Subculture - RVL
Global VDTORS Community Directory – July 12, 2013 Update - Merticus
‘Vampire’ Lovers To Marry - Daily Star
The Myth Of Turning - Octarine Valur
Psi Hunger - Psion Valur De Nocte
Kisii (Kenya) Man Slaughters Son & Drinks His Blood - NTV Kenya
Teen’s Bloody Rampage – Chewing Mum’s Flesh - Daily Sun
United Kingdom ‘Porn’ Filter To Ban/Censor “Esoteric Websites” - Huffington Post
Real-Life Barbie Says She is Spiritual Guru + “Vampire” in Documentary - Liberty Voice

August 2013
Mermaids Are Officially Cooler Than Vampires, & That’s Great For Women - The Wire
City Of Bath College – Vampires Course - Bath Echo
Haunted Curiosities’ Guide To Duping Goth Kids And Twilight Fans - DisInfo
Man Slits Seven-Year-Old Son’s Throat Before Drinking His Blood - The Star
Brisbane Court Jails Man For 12 Years Over Internet Sex Offenses: VampireFreaks - ABC
We Are Spirits of Another Sort - Joseph Laycock, PhD
Vampires As An Identity Group - Joseph Laycock, PhD

September 2013
‘VampireFreaks’ User Tried Having Sex with a 12-Year-Old Girl - Syracuse
The “Vampire Virus” Theory - South African Vampyre Culture Center
Non-VC Sites Posing As Info Resources - South African Vampyre Culture Center
Life After True Blood: Are Vampires Still Going To Rule The Media? - Karen Belz
Woman Acquitted For Attack On ‘Vampire’ - Illawarra Mercury
I Dated A Vampire (And Would Again!) - Laloe
Christians Vs Christian Extremists - Lunah Valur Eir
The 13 Nightside Commandments - Goddess Rosemary of Sahjaza
The Feed: Interview With A Vampire (Raziel) - SBS Australia
Formation Of New Council Heralds Growth In South African VC - Octarine Valur
Social Work, BDSM And Vampires (Academic Paper) - Dr. D.J. Williams

Oktober 2013
Vampire Magic Abides Beneath The Sheltering Oak - Belfazaar Ashantison
Modern Day Vampires With Guest Vlad Don Deich - WitchTalk Radio
A Short Introduction Of Self - Nox Kassapu
Pagans In The Vampire Community - Serephim Lena Karayan
The Transhuman Hand - Mistwolf For Noctalium
Vampire Cannibals: Real Ghouls Haunt Papua New Guinea - Live Science
Lesbianism And Satanism Rock School - United Methodist Church
Demystifying Goth: Why Do Designers Love It? - DNA India
Boy Star Witness in Father's Blood-Drinking Murder Trial - Int. Business Times
Introducing The British Vampire Association - Circe Arcanum
Kyle Morgan Sentenced To 30 Years For Grisly Murder - Northwest Herald
Ten People Who Claim To Be Vampires & Aliens! - Daily Bhaskar
Vampyre/Donor Appreciation Day 2013 For South Africa - Octarine Valur
Chatting With Vampires: The Power Of Jyade - Tim, RVL
Teenager Arrested In Alleged Satanic Murder - SABC
St. Mary's University Twickenham Offers Vampire Culture Degree - Tom Ambrose
Houston's Vampire Culture Unveiled - Newsfix Video
That Time Doctors Tried To Make The Pope Into A Vampire - Io9
Otherkin - Of Heaven Or Hell? - Samael Anathan
An Unquenchable Thirst - Dr. John Gordon Melton - Baylor Lariat
Halloween 2013 Special: The Vampire Edition - IndieJudge Magazine
If You Were A Real Vampire You Would Eat This - Cherise Udell
Yes, Real-Life Vampires, Werewolves & Zombies DO Exist! - Yahoo Southeast Asia
Vampires: Out Of The Coffin - TheMedicalBag
Varla Ventura's Banshees, Werewolves, Vampires & Creatures of Night - Coast to Coast
Our Interview With A Vampire: Prince Tarik - CBS Houston Radio
Cannibalism Not Religious, Deemed 'Learned Behavior' - Flor-ala Una
Interview With A Vampire Scholar: Baylor Prof. Is 'Real-Life Van Helsing' - Waco Tribune

November 2013
A Romanian Scientist Claims To Have Developed Artificial Blood - Smithsonian Magazine
Vampires In Bloemfontein… - News24
A Single Vampire Is Mad, Thousands Are A Minority - Hesperus Rising
The Spirit Of Vampirism - Hesperus Rising
Prologue – The Spark - Samael Anathan
The Vampyre Family: Passion, Envy & The Curse Of Byron - The Telegraph
Interview With A Vampire: The Vampire Court of Austin - FOX 7 News
Patricia MacCormack Talks About Ahuman Theory - Daily Nexus
Testimony On Real Vampires (Blood & Energy) In Washington County - Oregon Live
You Can Still Be A Vampire - A Mirror Made Of Words Blog
Lutherans, Vampires, And First Communion - Dawn Duncan Harrell, Patheos
Oregon Murder Trial Spurs Question On Vampires + Guilty Verdict - Mail Tribune
Is Republican President Michael Sata A Vampire? - Peter Adamu
Chatting With Vampires: Back & Toward The FutureStefan Resurrectus - RVL
Why Teenagers Join Cults - Bulelwa Dayimani
Lady Gaga Calls Perez Hilton Fake, He Calls Her a Real-Life Vampire - US Magazine
New Vampire Documentary Directed by Juliet Landau & Deverill Weekes - MrDisqusting
Blood Cupping & Bloodplay Scene (NSFW) - The Abode Of The Blood Kitten
The Space Vampires - VampChix
The Truth About Psychic Vampires - M. ‘Niki’ Fears
2013 Public Transcript Meeting - VVC
Vampire Community Reformation Questionnaire Responses - VVC
Feeding A Psychic Vampire - Circe Arcanum

December 2013
AltSA “Interview” Disappoints Local Vampire Community - Octarine Valur
Naivasha ‘Vampire’ Cuts His Five Year Old Son And Drinks His Blood - Standard Digital
A Vampire’s Guide To New Orleans - Steven P. Unger
Timothy Vafeades, The Vampire Trucker, Shames The Undead - Michael Daly
Chatting With Vampires ~ To The Left Please - Tim, RVL
Michelle Belanger – America’s Most Haunted Radio - Blog Talk Radio
‘Vampire’ Does Not Go To Church: Noxolo Nkabinde - Swazi Observer
‘Vampire’ Spends Christmas Behind Bars: Nosipho Shongwe - Swazi Observer
Murder Suspect Tells Paris Police He Drank Homeless Man’s Blood - Daily Mail
A New Beginning – International Court Of Elders (ICE) - Tim, RVL