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Artikler 2014
Januar 2014
The Secret History Of The Vampyre – Highlights Of 2013 - Octarine Valur
Sanguinarian Vampires Sought For Showtime Documentary Series - Sevenly Productions
On Being A Black Swan - The Blut Katzchen
Being A Vampyre: My Perspective – The Vampirologist - Vamped
Psychology & The Vampire Community - Dr. Emyr Williams
Pitfalls, Mousetraps & Elders Of The Vampire Community - Merticus
Goth Site ( User Busted In Under-Age XXX Photos Case - NY Post
Story Of A Succubus - Mau Of Bast
Vampire Killer Found Not Criminally Responsible in 2 Halifax Deaths - The Globe And Mail
A Brief Exploration of Modern Urban Vampire Subculture - Halloween Love
Borderlines – Episode 3 - Houston Vampire Court
Thieves Stole Pope John Paul II’s Blood - Time
A Question of Elders - Psion Valur

Februar 2014
Editorial: The Vampire Adolescent - Journal of Child & Adolescent Health
The Roundtable: Education, Discretion & Decorum - RVL
Interview: Father Izak – Fangsmith, Musician, Vampyre - Octarine Valur
Aliens Alleged to Interfere in Human Love Relationships: Psychic Vampires - The Canadian
The Court of Lazarus Closing Doors to the General Public in 2014 - The Court of Lazarus
Joseph Alexander Robicheaux: The Facts & Fantasy Of Vampires - Second Sight Radio
Mall Banishes Steampunk Group + Past Trouble from ‘Vampire Group’ - San Diego Reader
Brutal Killing of Teenage Girl Tied to Suspects’ Satanic Ritual - Chron
Solidarity - Kay Valkir Noctem
Woman Admits to Craigslist Killing, Killed at Least 22 Others in ‘Satanic Cult’ - PennLive
The Evil Truth About Psychic Vampires - E.A. Koetting
Satanic Murderer Miranda Barbour: “I’ve Killed Less Than 100” - TMZ
Satanists: Accused Craigslist Killer Not One of Us - CNN Belief Blog
The New Manson Family or Teens at “Play”? - Joseph Laycock
SAVA Adds New Words For ‘Vampyre’, ‘Awakening’ To Local Lexicon - Octarine Valur
Smart Voices on Satanic Stories - Jason Pitzl-Waters
Occult Unit Investigates Soweto Double Murders - The Citizen
Two Boys Arrested for Teen Girls’ Murder: Suspected ‘Satanic Ritual’ - Destiny Connect
Bullying Is Not Just Kids’ Play: Message to the Vampire Community - Madame X
Miranda Barbour Is a Sad Fantasist Not a Prolific Serial Killer - The Huffington Post
According To The SAPS I Engage In Harmful Occult Practices - Christina Engela
Occult Crimes on the Rise: Voodoo, Vampirism, Cult Behavior - iAfrica
RIP: Jonathan Barron aka “Lord Othis [Otheis] Barren” - TBO
Chatting With Vampires: Lady Kaia - RVL
Beware Occult Scare-Mongering - The Citizen

Marts 2014
San Jose Teen: Satanism Allowed Me to Kill Classmate - NBC
Mitchell Meister ‘Legally Insane’ When He Made Crossroads Mall Threats - Rex Hall Jr.
Smoke And Mirrors Re-’vamped’: Lady CG Interview - RVL
New Vampire Trucker Victim Emerges - The Daily Beast
MTV True Life: Real Vampires “I Want Respect For My Sect” - Vampire Court of Austin
SAVA Senatorial Elections Held March 18-20, 2014 - Octarine Valur
Zimbabwe Girl Allegedly Forced By Satanists To Drink Blood - My Zimbabwe
Borderlines Episode 4: Tarik Rever & Houston Texas Vampire Community - Borderlines
Satanism Creeps in Among South African Teens - World Crunch
Pig’s Blood Cocktail Challenges & Mortifies - The Fix

April 2014
Satanism Haunt School: “Our Children are Turning into Vampires” - Nehanda Radio
Satan, Witchcraft, Role Play, [Vampirism], And Challengers: Erick Erickson - RedState
The Bizarre Double Life Of Conservative Congressional Hopeful Jake Rush - St. Peters Blog
Jake Rush: Vampire Role-Playing Is “Recreational” - St. Peters Blog
Congressional Candidate Jake Rush Press Statement - St. Peters Blog
Meet Jake Rush, Florida Congressional Candidate And Vampire - Vanity Fair
Official VCN Statement: Jake Rush – A ‘Vampire’ We Can Stand Behind - VCN
Vampire Congressional Candidate Might be the Future of US-Politics - Business Insider
Keep These Satanists out of Congress! - Joseph Laycock
On Eldership - The Dark Nations
German Satanists on Trial for Taxi Killing – Motivated By Satanic Bloodlust - Irish Times
Veneto & Treviso Are Full Of Vampires: Expert - The Local IT
Gay Man Murdered, Mutilated In Cape Town – “Vampire Loose In Cape” - Mamba Online
Drinking Someone Else’s Blood Doesn’t Make You A Vampire - Pacific Standard

Maj 2014
Vic Vampire Gigolo Killing Was ‘Vengeance’ - The Sydney Morning Herald
Young Blood May Hold Key To Reversing Aging - New York Times
Wanted: Welsh Boffin Seeks Real-Life Vampires - Dr. Emyr Williams
The Dark Nations Yearly Report - The Dark Nations
California Courts: Unconstitutional Trials, Satanic Rituals - The Peoples Voice
Romanian Historian Who Debunked Dracula Myth Radu Florescu Dies - NBC News
Top Academic Claims Britain Has “Underground Network” Of 15,000 Vampires - Mirror
Finally, Vampires Are Getting Their Own Academic Study - VICE/Motherboard
Girl, Two, Abducted And Beheaded (Blood Drinking Allegation) - The Star

Juni 2014
Meet The Real-Life Married Vampires Who Drink Each Other’s Blood - This Morning
Real-Life Vampires Pyretta Blaze & Andy Filth - Daily Mail
Soweto Youth Chant ‘I Am Not A Vampire!’ - Enca
Harmful Religious Practice And Occult On The Rise In South Africa - Times Live
Tip Of The ICE-Berg - RVL
Self-Styled Russian Vampire Slayer Committed To Asylum - The Moscow Times
The Slender Man Trilogy: The Myth, The Fiction & The Reality - The Huffington Post
"Friends of the South African Vampire" Group Removed from Facebook - Octarine Valur
The Blood Is The Life ~ Your Thoughts? - RVL
Dark Temptations Series – “Thirst For Blood” - Discovery Channel

Juli 2014
Thoughtful Thursday – My Interview With A (Real) Vampire - Clarissa Johal
Bizarre Vampire Cafe Serves Drinks In Blood Bags - Fox News
Vampire Gigolo’s Girlfriend Opens Up About Losing The Man She Loves - Herald Sun
Vampire Health Matters… To All Of Us - RVL
Real Vampires: The Hardest Thing About Being Us – Part 3 - RVL
Vampire Fangs, Biting & Blood Drinking - Amy Mah Teenage Vampire
Vampire Killer Rod Ferrell Focus Of Investigation Discovery Show - Orlando Sentinel

August 2014
The Allure of Cults & Vampirism: Dark Temptations - Dr. Stephen Diamond
Vampyres: Is There A Cure? - Octarine Valur
Jim Parrack On His True Blood Return, Hoyt’s Dream Girl, & Drinking Blood IRL - Vulture
Parents Cutting Their Hands so Children Can Drink Blood to Stay Alive - Opposing Views
Alzheimer’s Patients Will Be Injected With The Blood Of Young People - Gizmodo
Artificial Blood That’s Better Than The Real Thing - BBC
5 Shows That Capture America’s Weirdest Hobbies - Tech Times

September 2014
Texas Pastor Demands Public Library ‘Purge’ Vampire Books - Raw Story
‘Poz Vampire’ Steven Boone Wants Third Psychiatric Assessment - Ottowa Citizen
Jealous Boyfriend Bites Through Girlfriend’s Lip & Smears Blood on Her Face - Elite Daily
Behind The Mind Of A Real Life Vampire - Vampire Court Of San Antonio, Texas
The Challenges of Awakening - Michelle Belanger
2 Autistic Kids Eat Raw Meat, Drink Blood; Shocks Nation - Emirates
Child Sacrifice Goes Mainstream: Conspiracy on Young Blood & Occult Vampires - News
Archaeologists Believe They Have Found Dungeons That Held ‘Dracula’ - Ancient Origins
‘Tea Party Satanist’ Says New Detroit Temple Is Too Liberal & Full Of Atheists - Raw Story
So Called ‘ISIS Vampire’ Loves Drinking Infidel Blood - Inquisitr
ISIS Jihadi ‘Vampire’: ‘We Love Drinking Infidel Blood’ - Breitbart
For Houston’s Vampire Community, Reality Bites - Houstonia

Oktober 2014
Virkelighetens Vampyrer - Journalen
Sang vs Psi: Making A Case For Separation - Lady CG
Vampire: Man With HIV Bites Two Police Officers - 360 Nobs
Lessons From Apartheid – A Cautionary Tale Of Segregation - Cian Ashling
Group Slams House Candidate For Writing Vampire Erotica - Statesman Journal
I Drink Blood Before Operations – Robbery Suspect Reveals - Naij
Accused Vic Killer Feared Werewolves & [Vampires] - The Age
At Murder Trial, Gigi Jordan Testifies About Abuse… Son Suffered - New York Times
Sang Castles, Fangtasies And Other Tales - Octarine Valur
India’s National Gold Medalist Tortured For Being A Witch - Inquisitr
Blood Thirsty? The ONLY Real Vampire Shop In The U.S. Is In New Orleans - WGNO
Sinking His Teeth Into Dracula - John Edgar Browning
The Donor & Vampyre Relationship - Lunah Valur Eir
Book Review: ‘Season Of The Witch: How The Occult Saved Rock & Roll’ - Washington post
‘We Actually Like Garlic!’ Real-Life Vampires of Manchester UK - Daily Star
Self-Proclaimed Vampire Community In Houston, TX Area – Tarik Rever - Click 2 Houston
Interview With a Vampire King – Logan South - The Ranger
The 10 Best U.S. Cities To Be A Vampire - Huffington Post
Witches Fire Back At TIME Magazine And Demand An Apology - Inquisitr
GA Tech’s Vampire Expert Shares Ideas - John Edgar Browning
Interview (And Movie) With A Real-Life Vampire - Huffington Post

November 2014
Atlanta No. 9 Best City To Be A Vampire - BizJournals
The Married British Couple Who Claim To Be Real-Life Vampires - Daily Mail
Drinking Blood With The Real Vampires Of New Orleans - Vocativ
Diagnosed Physical & Mental Conditions of Real-Life Vampires - VCN & VEWRS
Vampires Donors Get A Voice - Deacon Gray
Aristos Vampyre International Magazine - Aristos Vampyre
The Vampire In Europe: A Critical Edition - John Edgar Browning

December 2014
Who Do You Think You Are? - Deacon Gray
Nature’s Dark Side: Symbiotic Relationships Can Produce Vampire Birds - io9
Leaflet Distributed in Cambridge Claims Homosexuals are Like Vampires - Pink News
The Moon Light Path Is Lunacy! - The GraveYard Press
Ten Amazing Vampires & Why You Should Know Them - Deacon Gray & Madame X
The OVC Weekly News For 19th December 2014 - The GraveYard Press
Merry Christmas, Suckers – NOVA Christmas Feeding - NOLA
A Bicker of Vampires - Deacon Gray
An Interview With The Iron Garden Court - Deacon Gray
Vampyre History Project’s Entry For 2014 - SAVA