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Artikler 2015
Januar 2015
2015, A Year of Change & Growth for SAVA - Octarine Valur
Crossroads 2015 – The Year of The… - Real Vampire Life
Regarding SAVA’s Future on Facebook - Octarine Valur
Artist, Musician Brings Final ‘Fang Tour’ to TattooLaPalooza (DNash) - Miami Herald
Vampire Houses Bring New Blood to New Jersey Night Life - Tony Sokol
10 Religions Spawned by Works of Fiction (Vampirism #5) - ListVerse
New Study Links Social Anxiety to Being an Empath - Amateo Ra
Bizarre Magazine, Closes After 18 Years - The Huffington Post
No Good Event, Goes Off Without Bitching - The GraveYard Press
Community Radicals and Why They Matter - Deacon Gray
Vampirekin Is Not The Same As Vampirism - Tumblr Posting
Bubble Gum Vampires Speak - The GraveYard Press
The Vampire and My Daughter - The GraveYard Press
Analysis of Non-Human Identity: Otherkin, Therians, & Vampires - Amelia Nightside
Aggression as a Community Building Tool in the Online Vampire Subculture - Hesperus
One On One – A New Light in The Tunnel (CLAVIS) - Real Vampire Life
Words Of Prey - The GraveYard Press
London Vampire Magazine – Issue 1 - London Vampire Magazine

Februar 2015
One Woman’s Story of Being a Victim of Subculture Hate Crimes - FemBot Magazine
Volume 1 Journal Of Positive Sexuality Goes Live - Positive Sexuality
Vampire And Vampirism: Encyclopedia of American Studies - Johns Hopkins University
‘Vampire Cult Killings’ Profiled On Lifetime (Rod Ferrell) - Daily Commercial
Interview With Kindred (Demonic Vampire Kindred) - Brian H. Waters
My Mother Thinks She’s a Vampire - The GraveYard Press
Warning Signs and ‘Red Flags’ - Real Vampire Life
Vampire Woman Kills Three Children, Drinks Their Blood & Eats Intestines - Nairobi News
Thanks A Latte! Woman Drinks Blood In Vampire Coffee - TNT Magazine
House Kheperu Gathering: Presentation & Class Schedule - House Kheperu
The Iron Garden: Open Gathering - The Iron Garden
How to Recognize an Energy Vampire & What to do About It - Jocelyn Daher
Media Vampires - Kate Hallwey
One-On-One: A Growing Family - Real Vampire Life
‘Werewolf’ Allegedly Murders His Vampire Neighbor - Dangerous Minds
NOVA: Easter Outreach to Feed the Homeless - NOCA
‘Werewolf’ Who Killed a ‘Vampire’ Found Guilty of Murder - The Huffington Post

Marts 2015
Energy, Goals And Paths - The GraveYard Press
How Kink’s Largest Social-Networking Site (FetLife) Fails Its Users - The Atlantic
Mom Brainwashed Into Killing Girl, 8 – Obsessed With Vampires & Biting - IOL
Vampires Of ATX – Vampire Court Of Austin - Orange Magazine
Interview With A Fangsmith 1 & 2 - Alaska After Dark Vampyre Radio
Odd Jobs: How To Become A Real-Life Vampire – Raziel Nite - LifeHacker
Psychic Vampires, Or Energy Manipulator? - The GraveYard Press
A Research Note Towards Comparative Ethnography - John Edgar Browning
My Encounters With The Real Vampires Of New Orleans - John Edgar Browning
There Are Real-Life ‘Vampire’ Tribes Roaming New Orleans - Science Alert
There Are Communities Of People Who Call Themselves Vampires - Smithsonian

April 2015
U.S. Sociologist Exposes A World Of ‘Real Vampires’ - News Australia
Exorcists Warn Vatican Over ‘Beautiful Young Vampires’ & Satanic Yoga - Independent
Real Vampire Community Academic Resources - Merticus
The Houston Subculture That Drinks Blood & Chases Psychic Energy - Houston Press
Houston’s Vampire Court Gathers For A Pagan Sumbel - Houston Press
Vampires In New Orleans – Fact Or Fiction? - Strange & Creepy
Inside the World of Real Life Vampires - John Edgar Browning
Die Positive Energie Hat Einen Dämpfer Erfahren - NPC
Avoiding Social Vampires: A View of Life From The Doughnut Aisle - Huffington Post

Maj 2015
‘Vampire Killer’ Accused of Murdering 12 Women & Drinking Their Blood - Independent
Man Confesses to Drinking Blood of 13 Women - The Source
Real Vampires Are Among The Living - Liberty Voice
Vampire Healing: Young Blood Can Mend Old Broken Bones - Smithsonian
Sweden’s Most Bizarre Unsolved Murder Was Maybe Committed by a Vampire - Gizmodo
Blood Turned Into Nerve Cells By Canadian Researchers - CBC News
South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) Undergoes Metamorphosis - Octarine Valur
Craigslist Ad Seeks Immortal Lesbian Vampire for Immortality Purposes - WeekInWeird
The Deepest Secrets Of Vampirism - Michelle Walling
Interview with Anthony Hogg: On Everything Vampire - MyAddictionBooks
Do We Always Practice What We Preach? - D J Williams

Juni 2015
Where Our True Self and True Identity is Found – Vampire Analogy - Caitlyn Jenner
Woman from Elderly ‘Vampire’ Attack Now Accused of Stabbing Boyfriend - DailyNews
Student In Satanic Claims - The Voice
4 Tales Of Teens Who Have Taken Occult Practices Too Far - MoviePilot
Video Shows Man Dancing on Patrol Car to Save Children From Vampires - NewsFix
Norfolk ‘Paedophile Ring’ Case: Baby Blood Allegations ‘Nonsensical’ - BBC
Vampire Studies Symposium To Be Held In Texas On Halloween - Vamped
Children of Satan: What Do Their Tales of Bloody Rituals Mean? - News Australia
RIP Sir Christopher Lee: 1922–2015 - The Guardian
Friends Or Consumer Group? - The GraveYard Press
Human Vampires Exist in the Thousands - Dr. Emyr Williams
Man Facing Charges for Having Sex with Minor & Making 3 Girls Drink Blood - CBS

Juli 2015
Vampire Hypothesis: Is Vampirism Explained Through Homeostasis? - Vamped
‘Vampires’ Keep Doctors In The Dark For Fear Of Stereotyping - Yahoo
Take People Who Think They Are VAMPIRES Seriously Professor Urges - The Daily Caller
Self-Identified Vampires Subject of Study by Professor DJ Williams - Idaho State Journal
Real-Life Vampires Have A Really Hard Time Finding Health Care - Reuters
Real Vampires Exist, And They Need Counseling Too - NewsWeek
Real Vampires Fear Prejudice, Discrimination when Coming out of the Coffin - Lee Baines
Vampires Are People & Need as Much Psychotherapy as the Rest of Us - Washington Post
Is ‘Vampire’ A Genuine Identity? A Look at ‘Alternate Identities’ - Christian Science Monitor
Vampires Are Real & Need A ‘Willing Donor’, Study Claims - Latino Health
What It’s Like To Be A Real-Life Vampire - Refinery29
There’s a Global Community of Vampires & They’re Afraid to go to the Doctor - Fusion
Is Vampire Discrimination A Thing? - Discovery
Vampires: Disclosure And The Public - The GraveYard Press
Otherkin Are People Too; They Just Identify As Nonhuman - VICE
Vampirism: Is It All In Your Head? - The GraveYard Press
Vampire Media – A Roundtable Chat - Real Vampire Life
Music Fest Wants You To Pay With Your BLOOD - Daily Star
I Let My Vampire Boyfriend Drink My Blood - Barcroft TV
Houston’s Self-Proclaimed Vampire Michael Vachmiel - Barcroft Media
Meet The World’s Most Extreme Blood Donor - DailyMail
We Spoke To Three Real-Life Vampires About Blood, Lust, & Hunger - VICE
Here Are Three Real Life Vampires Who Love Their Unconventional Life - News Australia
OK, So You Think You’re A Vampire. Whose Job Is It To Tell You You’re Not? - The Guardian

August 2015
We ‘Feed’ During Sex, The Real-Life Vampires of Atlanta - The Daily Beast
Vampirology Poll Ruffles A Few Feathers - Octarine Valur
Can we Reverse the Ageing Process With Young Blood? - The Guardian
RIP Sanguinarius (Sangi) | 1970-2015 | Vampire Community Pioneer - VCN
The Real Vampires w/John Edgar Browning & Merticus - Georgia Public Broadcasting
Podcast: Interview With A Vampire (Merticus) - The Daily Beast
Seeking Vampires For Cable Network TV Series - VCN
New Orleans HexFest Forced to Change Ritual Location - Wild Hunt
Interview With a Real-Life Vampire (Merticus) - The Guardian
Vampyre Academy Reiki Survey - Octarine Valur
Blood Rave To Douse Amsterdam Dancers In Gallons Of Blood - NL Times
Psychic Vampirism: A Trend That Needs To End - The Nephilim Rising
Lady Gaga’s “American Horror Story” Character Is Basically A Vampire - Cosmopolitan
There Will Be Bloed: Uncovering Holland’s Halloween Blood Rave - Vamped
Are Goths Really More Depressed Than the Rest of Us ‘Normals’? - Daily Beast

September 2015
Vampires Exist And They’re Not What You Think - Seeker Daily
The Unity Question - Real Vampire Life
Interview With A Vampyre – Berinvönn Dærthledd - Anchorage press
Fanger Bangers: The Female Kinksters Who Get Off On Vampires - Broadly
Interview With The Vampire… Expert - The Bengal
Anika Inquest: Identity Of ‘Vampire’ Leaked - IOL
Vampyres Among Us! – Volume III – English Ed. - Dr. Mark Benecke & Ines Fischer
Top 10 Questions For Real Vampires - Logan South
Dear Real Vampires: Let’s Be Real For Once - VTOC
College to Host Halloween Symposium on Vampires - LewisvilleLeader
The Pariah Ploy - The GraveYard Press
Frustration: A Call For Medical Research - VTOC

Oktober 2015
Gay Former Teen Prostitute Shares Life in New Orleans Vampire Cult - Queerty
Tips To Keep Sang Donors Healthy - Giselle DeCavalier
Meeting Up – Safety Tips For Donors - Giselle DeCavalier
Linking It All Together: Building Sanguinarian Hypotheses - VTOC
New Study Confirms Existence Of Real-Life ‘Vampires’ - Men’s Health Magazine
The Unity Question – Part 2 – Peace For Our Time - Real Vampire Life
What The Hell Is A Sexual Vampire? - Deacon Gray
Sexual Vampire, Or Sex Addict? - Deacon Gray
Young Community Leaders: Goals And Expectations - Deacon Gray
‘American Horror Story’ Taught Us All How To Vampire Last Night - MTV
The Day I Went To Work And Met A Real Vampire - Archana Reddy, MD
A Question Of Etiquette: Courts/Houses/Etc. - Rei Tadashi
Hybrid Vampires – Who, What, And Why? - Zero Nightskye
The Beast Inside - Damien ShadowSage
Woman Killed Partner And Child ‘To Ward Off Vampires’ - The Guardian
"Vampire” Slashes Open His Boyfriend’s Throat To Drink His Blood - LGBTQ Nation
The People Who Drink Human Blood - BBC Future
They Call Themselves Sanguinarians & ‘Need’ to Drink Human Blood - IndiaTimes
Inside The ‘Real Vampire’ Community of New Orleans - The Washington Post
‘Real’ Vampires Exist & There are over 5000 of Them in The USA - National post
Sanguinarianism & Me - Countess Alexia
Plain Speaking – Part 3 – Peace For Our Time? - Real Vampire Life
Trans-Murder Trial: Gay ‘Vampire’ - Windy City Times
What New Donors Need To Know - Damien ShadowSage & Rei Tadashi
The Vampire Craze In Popular Culture Isn’t Dead Yet - TIME Magazine
I Let My Vampire Boyfriend Drink My Blood (Blut Katzchen) - The Doctors (TV)
5,000+ Vampires Live In The U.S., Drink Donors’ Blood For Energy - NY Daily News
Buffy star Crowdfunding Campaign for Vampire Documentary - Entertainment Weekly
Vampirologists Are A Thing? - J. Gordon Melton
Real-Life Vampire Couple – Vanian & Ethereal Dark - VPOR 101.9
Are Vampires Real?: John Edgar Browning - GA Tech
Interview with Merticus: Here’s what Real Vampires do on Halloween - METRO UK
Real-Life Vampires Drink Blood To Sustain Survival - The Daily Meal
Bad Blood - M. Dutch
Why ‘Real Vampires’ Fear Going To The Doctor - Everyday Health
Meet The Real Blood-Thirsty Modern Vampires of 2015 - Konbini
DJ Williams – Self-Identified Vampires And Subtle Human Energy - Boise
Merticus ‘Impersonated’ On Kevin & Bean Radio Show - KROQ; Los Angeles, CA
How Belfazaar Ashantison & A Cajun Chef Made Blood Sausage Together - Munchies
Dracula On The Couch: The Psychiatry of Vampires - Psychology Today
Lives Of Real Vampires: More Than A Diet Of Blood - Merticus
Interview: Michelle Belanger - Verbicide Magazine
What It Means To Be A Real Vampire In Houston - HoustonPress
Inside A ‘Real Vampire’ Community - New Zealand Herald
6 Facts About Real-Life Vampires - Bustle
Real Life Vampires: Meet Merticus Who Actually Drinks Human Blood - Irish Examiner
Life Among The Vampires – John Edgar Browning - The Atlantic
A Halloween Message To The Vampire Community From The Office Of Merticus - Merticus

November 2015
‘Vampire' in Sweden Convicted of Killing Gay Lover, then Drinking his Blood - Daily Mail
Facts, Speculation, Evidence… Oh My - VTOC
Calling - The Shadow Sage
Real Vampires – FATE Magazine – Issue No. 728 - FATE Magazine
FATE Magazine – The New Issue - Mysterious Universe
Historian Sinks His Teeth Into Local Ethnography - Tulane University
Why The Goths Left Gotham - C.S. Jones

December 2015
Public Online Vampire Community Fora from Late Nineties to Present - Hesperus
Various Vampire Community Media Articles – 2008-2015 Updated Directory - Merticus
Gaga For Blood: Is AHS: Hotel’s Countess A Real Life Blood-Drinker? - Alexia Ashford
Michelle Belanger, Author & Psychic – Exclusive Interview - BuzzyMag
Google is Trying to Patent a Watch Which Can Suck Your Blood - Metro
A ‘Real Life Vampire’ Has Been Jailed For Attacking His Friend To Drink His Blood - Metro
Where Did The C In VC Go? - The Shadow Sage
Core Feeding - The Shadow Sage
Healing Energy - The Shadow Sage
The Beast Part 2 - The Shadow Sage
First Results From Human Young Blood Rejuvenation Trial Expected - News Scientist
Cyber-Feeding 101 - Hesperus
State Closes Murder Case Against ‘Vampire’ For Lack Of Witnesses - MediaMax
Vampires Of Reddit! – Interview Questions - KP0606
Expectations And Needs In The Vampire Community - The Amador Vampire
Is The Vampire Community Worthy of Unity? - Lady CG
Sanguinarian FAQ – Ask A Sanguinarian! - Kinesia
Sanguinarianism And Me - Kinesia
Judge Will Allow Evidence of ‘Vampire Trucker’ Alleged Assault - Salt Lake Tribune
The Scope Of Our Research - Kinesia
I Attended a Vampire Studies Symposium on Halloween - Erin Chapman
The Vampire Personality, Emotions And Playing Nice With Others - The Amador Vampire
What Would It Be Like If There Were No Vampire Community? - The Amador Vampire
Ten Tips For Building A Vampire Group - Deacon Gray
A Donor’s Tale Of Abuse, Rape Betrayal & Renewal - The GraveYard Press
Interview with a Member of a Vampire House Gone “Dark” - Deacon Gray
What Are “Elders” Anyway? - Deacon Gray