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Artikler 2016
Januar 2016
2015: A Year of Movement Within The Real Vampire Community - Merticus
SAVA & The SA VC – A South African Success Story - Octarine Valur
Psychic Attack? Eat It - The Amador Vampire
The Thankless Job of Being A Good Vampire in The VC - The Amador Vampire
An Interview With Kinesia: Looking Into The Sang Medical Research - The Shadow Sage
Been There Done That Ad Nauseaum - Belfazaar Ashantison
The Pros of Finding Baby Psy Vamps - The Amador Vampire
Vampire Community Newbie Guide - The Shadow Sage
Vampirism in Mary’s Words - The Shadow Sage
Psychic Vampire Primer - Kate Gallwey
The Natural Function of The Psychic Vampire in Daily Life - The Amador Vampire
Shielding With A Remote Energy Source - The Singing Tarot
Feeling Frenzy: Levels & Types of Self-Reported Empathy in OVC - Hesperus
Man (Justin Case Jacoby) Strangled Cat, Tried to Drink Its Blood - KCCI
Additives in Blood Analysis and Human Consumption - Lethenteron
The ‘Vampire Girl’ Who Drinks Her Boyfriend’s Blood - Daily Mail
“Vampire Girl” Drinks Her Boyfriend’s Blood, “Loves The Taste” - Cosmopolitan
Relatives Dispute Blood Drinking Claim in Cat’s Death (Justin Jacoby) - The Courier
Toxic! - Deacon Gray
Indicative Sub-Culture Survey Results - Real Vampire Life
Should We Talk About Turning? - The Amador Vampire
Man Tried to Force His Ex-Girlfriend to Drink Blood From His Wrist - Dailymail
Why Are So Many Vampires Silent? - The Amador Vampire
An Interview With Author Kate Gallwey - Phillip Torrey
Facebook, The Vampire Community, And Reporting - Alexia Ashford
Psychic Generators, & What Do You Mean That You Can’t Feel It? - The Amador Vampire
Vampires Are Never Too Long In The Tooth - Tony Sokol
Sydney’s Vampires & Witches No Longer Lurk in The Shadows - The Daily Telegraph
8 Tips For New Donors - Deacon Gray & Jade Oppress
Real Modern Living Vampires… And Our Sub-Groups - The Amador Vampire
Crossroads 2016 - Real Vampire Life
To Forum Or Not To Forum? - Damien & Rei
Blood Bonds - Damien Ferguson
Spirit Servitors - The Singing Tarot
The Witches’ Guide To Psychic Vampires - The Amador Vampire
Some of Lake’s Most Vicious – & Youngest – Killers to be Resentenced - Daily Commercial

Februar 2016
The Witches’ Guide To Hybrid Vampires And Spiritual Sangs - The Amador Vampire
Embracing Diversity In The GVC - Lady CG
A Drink of Blood: Do Sanguinarians Have Digestive Issues? - Vamped
The AngelKin-Vampyre Connection - Samael Anathan
Hybrid Dilemma - Samael Anathan
Eros Vampire - Samael Anathan
A Higher Purpose: The Scientific Effort In The Vampire Community - Deacon Gray
Interview With Dr. Tomas Ganz, Regarding His Views On Sanguinarianism - Vamped
How NOT To Be A Psychic Vampire’s Happy Meal - Samael Anathan
Why Medical Research Into Sanguinary Vampires At All? - Deacon Gray
The Witches Guide To Physical Sanguines - The Amador Vampire
Rise of The Otherkin: When Feelings Trump Biology, Anything Can Happen - The Trumpet
Announcement: Gateway Halo (New Jersey) - Madame X
Thanks For All The Fish! - Tim, RVL
Satanists Call For Investigation Into ‘Satanic Panic’ Killing Of 8-Year-Old Boy - Broadly
What Is The Real Division In The Greater Vampire Community? - The Amador Vampire
What Have You Heard? - Deacon Gray
Transparency, Consistency, And Strengthening Community Faith Argument - Becka Wood
Step-By-Step Psi-Feeding - Hesperus
Judicial Reform Offer/Service For The Vampire Community - Becka Wood
Why It’s So Damn Hard Being A Newcomer - Becka Wood
Parenting, Paganism & Vampirism - Kate Gallwey
Vampire Trial By Combat - Kate Gallwey
Is Vampire Community News Favoritist? - Anthony Hogg
Official: Regarding The Removal of Anthony Hogg From VCN - Merticus
Vampire Community Charter Of Rights - Becka Wood
Interview With Sangorath Excelsi - Damien Ferguson
February Roundup And Recap - The Shadow Sage

Marts 2016
Vampirism - Damien Ferguson & Rei
Dog 'vampire' held in Yemen - Emirates 24/7
The Red Cellar: An Introduction - Alexia Ashford
An Argument for Honest Introspection and Mutual Understanding - CJ
Consider the Med Sang Point of View - Syrf
We Might Not All Be The Same Kind of Creature - The Amador Vampyre
Reflection on Psi and Sang in the Vampire Community - Becka Wood
How does the Herd Mentality Affect the Vampire Culture? - Madame Mystique
Chaos-Eating Psi-Vampire? Or Just an Abrasive Person? - Becka Wood
Trio 'tried to turn their friend into a vampire' - The Mirror
Guilt, Blood and Prana: A Modern Vampire’s Diet - The Amador Vampyre
Why Are Those Pesky Med Sangs Around, Anyways? - The Amador Vampyre
Suspected gang leader behind 'vampire murder' arrested - The Mirror
Psy Vamps: Damaged Goods or Vampirus Superior? - The Amador Vampyre
The Dark Side of the Web; Do Vampires Really Exist? - Laura Connolly
Some of the VC and Trump Comparison - Becka Wood
The GVC & the uneducated comparisons of Trump & McCarthyism - Belfazaar Ashantison
The Beast: from Energy-feeders’ Perspective - The Shadow Sage
Immortal Vampires - Kate Gallwey
Fantastic Claims vs. Objective Evidence - The Amador Vampyre

April 2016
Real Benefits of Being Drained - Singing Tarot
Vampires are not the only ones who feed - Damien Ferguson
Elemental Feeding - OwnedByAlpha
Drama used to Psifeed? - Damien Ferguson
Eros Vampire Survey - Damien Ferguson
'Vampire' killer put to death in Texas - USA Today
Infamous 'Vampire Killer' spearks out from prison - Click Orlando
40 Years of Remorseful Bloodsuckers - Den of Geek
Gummies! and Other Blood Candy - Damien Ferguson
Slut Shaming, Sexual Vampirism & a Practical Approach ... - The Amador Vampyre
The New Jersey Iron Garden, Reclaiming the Flame that Flourishes the Seeds - Madame X
Coming Out To Others - Damien Ferguson
Separating Fact from Fiction about People who like to Drink Blood - Medical Daily

Maj 2016
Psychic Vampirism Is Not As Glamorous As Blood Drinking - The Amador Vampyre
Figuring out what you are - Damien Ferguson
A Brief History of Some Occult Organizations Affiliated with Vampirism - Hesperus
How To Deal With an Energy Vampire - Jen Smith
This guy (Merticus) actually drinks human blood - James Thornhill
How And Why To Think Like A Vampire - Raymond Brannen
Psychic Vampyrism - V.K. Jehannum
The Chaos Vampire - Kates Creations

June 2016
Healthy 'Vampires' Emerge From Graves In Medieval Polish Cemetery - Forbes
Relationships and Donors - Damien Ferguson, Rei Tadashi
The Real Story of Elizabeth Báthory - Ash M. Richter
How to Find Your Element - Damien Ferguson
The Path of the Elementalist Ritual - Damien Ferguson
But What about the Vampires that are only here to Feed? - The Amador Vampyre
Auto Feeding - Damien Ferguson
An Intro into Chaos Magick - Damien Ferguson, Rei Tadash
Survey: Determining The Needs of the Vampire Community - Damien Ferguson & others
Blood of World’s Oldest Woman Hints at Limits of Life - Andy Coghlan
Case of Werewolf, Vampire Cult Teens who Killed for Blood - The Inquisitr
People can Draw Wnergy from other People the same way Plants do - Visual Magick Blog

July 2016
The Sanguinarian Misinformation File #1 - CJ
Reply to “Do We Always Practice What We Preach? - Joseph P. Laycock
Vampyrism: Donorship is Preposterous - V.K. Jehannum
Unexpected Vote Elects Gateway Halo's New Prince (Madame X) - Ezra Canidea
Through a Donor’s Eyes - Michelle West Morrison

August 2016
Predatory Psychic Feeders Vs. Vampires As Ethical, Spiritual Beings - Amador Vampyre
‘I Look At A Cloud And I See It As Me’(Otherkin) - VICE
Glen Race To Appeal U.S. Murder Conviction - CBC News
Syrf Chase: A Tribute (RIP) - Alexia
Science Meets Blood Mythology (Anti Aging, Longevity & Immortality) - Inquisitr
‘Vampire’ Suffers Vile ‘Sophie Lancaster’ Abuse - Daily Star
Ask Your Vampire Dentist: Installment 1 – Alaska After Dark - YouTube
Have You Just Tried NOT Being A Vampire? - Amador Vampyre
Science Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others - Paranormal Horror
Picture It.. Privacy? – The Problems Of The Anonymous VC Dweller - LouLoudiworks
Linking It All Together: Building Sanguinarian Hypotheses - The Red Cellar
15 Shocking Facts About Real Vampires That Are Just Nuts - The Richest
Vampire Man Who Sexually Abused Teen Gets Probation - FOX Boston
OVC And Daycare? - OVC in the eyes of a daycare worker

September 2016
The Eclectic Occultist - The Eclectic Occultist
Please Don’t Call Me Vampire Anymore – Says Anika Smit’s Friend - South Africa
Vampire Killer Trial Fails To Kick Off - Africa
Interview With John L. Vellutini, Editor Of The Journal Of Vampirology - Vamped
Interview With A Vampire - The Maroon
World Of The Weird (Trailer) - Channel 4 UK
‘The Black Swan’ – Meeting America’s Real Life Vampires - Huffington Post
Med Sangs And My Partition From The Vampire Community And VVC - Alexia
From Monster To Seducer (Documentary) - Corvis Nocturnum & Michelle Belanger
From Monster To Seducer (Teaser Trailer) - Corvis Nocturnum & Michelle Belanger
‘Why I Let My Boyfriend Drink My Blood’ - The Mirror
Woman Cuts Herself So Thirsty Vampire Boyfriend Can Suck Her Blood - Daily Star
Er Trinkt Gerne Das Blut Von Seiner Freundin – Er Ist Ein Real-Life-Vampir - TZ
Giving Back To The Night – The Iron Garden - The Graveyard Press
Med Sangs, And Their Damn Partition! - Deacon Gray

Oktober 2016
Well, I Like The Idea Of Community - Amador Vampyre
Getting To The Heart Of The Matter… - Kinesia
The Mean Girl Effect - OVC in the eyes of a daycare worker
Jaden Smith Believes He Was A Vampire, Seriously - DJ Booth
Interactions With Non Vampires: The Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius - Vampire Network
A Guide To The Dangers Of The Online Vampire Community (OVC) - Vampire Network
Blood Bond: Real Life Vampires And The ‘Black Swan’ Donors Who Feed Them - VICE
OCTOBERSPLOITATION! (Or “I Am Not A Fucking Vampire.”) - CJ
The Closing Of Doors (A Letter To The Vampire Community From Merticus) - Merticus

November 2016
Title Hoarders - OVC in the eyes of a daycare worker
Notes for people who are sincerely wondering if they are vampires - Amador Vampyre
Police: ‘Vampire’ Attacks Woman In Concord - UnionLeader
New Hampshire Woman Attacked By Man Claiming To Be Vampire - FOX News
How To Deal With Your Energy Vampires - The Good Men
Why the sinister approach might not be the best (...) - Amador Vampyre
Creativity Vampire - Kates Creation
Gets ‘Aroused’ By Drinking Her Boyfriend’s BLOOD (...) - The Sun
Are vampires real and how many are there in the UK? (sig.) - The Sun
Sexual Vampires: Myths And Motivations - Suzanne Carre, Hesperus & Deacon Gray

December 2016
Woman Charged in Stabbing of Boyfriend who Drank her Blood - RT
Psychic Vampires and the Use of Etheric Energy - Sateen C.
Another Step Closer to Artificial Blood - CBS News
Notice from the Russian Vampire Community - Russian Vampire Community
Self-Identified Vampirism & Risk for False Positives - DJ Williams, PhD
When Criminals Lurk Among Us - Damien Ferguson
‘Vampire’ Victim Accused of Being a Drunk Liar - IOL
Logic and Emotion in the Vampire Community - Amador Vampyre
State of the VC 2016 Year End - The Shadow Sage
TVN (TheVampireNetwork) Interview - The Shadow Sage
Modern Vampires and how they Practice the Ancient Art of Drinking Blood - Lisa A
“Vampires” who must Drink Human Blood to Survive - Vntinnhanh
Vampires Live Among Us - Sasa Post